Reply to Teal Swan – Polyamory: Why you should not listen to Steal Swan for (relationship) advice

I agree with that and will reconsider whether I’ll still post more videos of Till Swan on my blog or not!

Update: 7. September 2016

I will continue posting interesting videos of Teal Swan because they may support people to find their way to spirituality and a fulfilling life.

There are many ways to get inspired of spirituality and living a fulfilling life. One way is to get tips from Teal Swan. And there are many people – about 300.000 followers on youtube – who trust her because she has the „right tips“ for them. People are finding their teacher they need.

I don’t agree Til’s statement about Polyamory. But I don’t agree this advice to avoid Teal Swan completely too.

At the end of the day what matters is the good one that someone did in his life compared to the not so good one! In this regard there is no reason to avoid Teal Swan!